Roland-May Eves Mountain Inlet Sanctuary Trail
Hopatcong established the “Roland-May Eves Mountain Inlet Sanctuary” in 1993. The Sanctuary was named in honor of two noted ecologists who lived in Hopatcong,Roland and May Eves. It was created to promote the ideals of wildlife preservation and to facilitate environmental education by providing an undisturbed habitat for wetlands species, as well as a hiking trail for nature observers.

The hiking trail has green markers on the trees and posts in the ground at different stations. If you plan to follow the trail you can download the following narrative by Cliff Lundin, explaining the area, geology of Hopatcong, wildlife habitats, and other interesting information. This narrative was recorded by Eagle Scout Nick Anastasia, as part of his Eagle Scout Project.

To download the trail’s audio tour to your mobile device you must first download each individual link on your desktop to an iTunes or MP3 library. From there, you can download the tour just as you would music, by connecting your mobile device to your desktop and dragging the tour files to the icon indicating your mobile device. *you may want to create a playlist of the trail in chronological order to avoid confusion.

To Download Narrative: