Water Department

Water Utility – Borough of Hopatcong Ordinance No. 27-2002
An Ordinance to Amend and Supplement the Code of the Borough of Hopatcong by Establishing a Water Utility for the Borough of Hopatcong, Sussex County, New Jersey, Entitled Chapter 74b “Water Utility” Be it Ordained

By the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hopatcong as follows:

  • Section 1. 74B-1 Title.- This Ordinance shall be known as the “Hopatcong Borough Water Utility Ordinance”.
  • Section 2. 74B-2 -Establishment. There is hereby established in the Borough of Hopatcong a public water utility to be designated as the “Hopatcong Borough Water Utility”.
  • Section 3. 74B-3 -Operation as a Municipal Public Utility. The water system shall be operated by the Borough as a municipal public utility to be operated pursuant to the provisions of Title 40A:31 of the New Jersey statues. All fees and charges shall be established under a fee ordinance as provided by law. All fees and charges received by the Borough in connection with the water utility shall be deposited in a dedicated account designated as the “Hopatcong Borough Water Utility Fund” and used only for the purposes of such municipal utility pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:4-62
  • Section 4. 74B-5 - Administration. The Hopatcong Borough governing body shall have complete supervision and control over the water utility with the assistance of the Borough Administrator and Chief Financial Officer.