Garage Sale Permit Full Charge

Garage Sale Permit


The above information is full and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that all the rules and regulations of Hopatcong Borough’s Zoning Ordinance §242-36 regarding Garage Sales and §242-29(D) regarding temporary signs are acknowledged and will be complied with. The Ordinance is online in the Hopatcong Borough Code Book on our website:

 §242-29D Prohibited Signs
(7) Signs placed in awnings, trees, fences, utility poles or signs attached to other signs, except
that small political signs 620 square inches in area or less may be wired to trees upon 
permission of the owner.

(9) Except as otherwise expressly permitted in and by the provisions of this chapter, no sign shall 
be placed or located or displayed upon any public sidewalk or within the limits of any public 
street or right-of-way or project over any sidewalk or public right-of-way.
§242-36 Garage Sales

A. Permit required. Any person, persons or organization wishing to conduct a garage sale must 
first obtain a garage sale permit from the Borough Zoning Officer.

(7) No more than five signs for advertising or directing the public may be posted off the 
premises whereupon the permit is issued. The sign is not to exceed two feet by two feet 
and is to be displayed in conformance with the Borough Code. All such signs cannot be 
placed earlier than one week prior to the sale and must be removed within 24 hours after 
the sale has terminated