Land Use Board

Information & Schedule
The Borough of Hopatcong’s Land Use Administration falls under one newly created ”Land Use Board”.

The Land Use Board reviews applications for the subdivision of land or for the development of land (Site Plan Review).

The Land Use Board considers applications that require exceptions (variances) from the Borough Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 242 of the Borough Codebook. The Board interprets the zoning map, and hears appeals from decisions of the Zoning Officer.

Requests for additional information, and inquiries should be forwarded to

Hopatcong Borough’s Open Space and Recreation Plan Update 2011 click here.

2014 Master Plan Re-examination click here.


Chairman – Alan Gilbert Vice Chairman – Robert Rehe
Mayor – Michael Francis Class II Member – David Fanslau
Class III Member – Richard Schindelar, Councilman Class IV Member – Robert L. Duncan
Class IV Member – Mark Gaffney Class IV Member – Judith Kracht
Class IV Member – Anthony Bongiovanni Alternate 1 – Jonathan Taylor
Alternate 2 – James Dell'Arena Alternate 3 – Michael Smith
Alternate 4 - Walt Rossi  
William Haggerty, ESQ.
Dolan & Dolan, Board Attorney
John Ruschke
Mott Macdonald, Board Engineer