Health Advisory

A Health Advisory Committee is Hereby Established for the Borough of Hopatcong

The Purpose of the Health Advisory Committee Shall Be:

  1. To promote and protect the health of Hopatcong public through education, prevention in initiatives, and collaboration with other health-related agencies and organizations, with particular emphasis on children, seniors, and those with special needs;
  2. To provide proactive leadership, guidance, advocacy and oversight on current or future health issues or concerns facing the community, including municipal organization and coordination with the state and federal entities for all-hazards health emergency planning
  3. To provide competent, high quality, professional advice and counsel to the Borough of Hopatcong Governing Body and The County of Sussex Health Department;
  4. To initiate and promote useful partnerships with present and /or future Borough of Hopatcong community agencies and organizations to ensure that the highest quality preventive, chronic, long-term, and acute curative health care is available to Borough of Hopatcong residents; and
  5. To support the Borough of Hopatcong, County of Sussex Health Department in its efforts to provide quality public health services to the Borough of Hopatcong community.

The Health Advisory Committee shall consist of five members appointed by the Borough Council.

The initial Committee should consist of two members appointed for terms of one year and three members appointed for terms of two years. Thereafter all appointments shall be for a term of two years. All vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term. The Committee shall elect one of its members as Chairman and shall also select a Secretary from among its members. No member shall be compensated for their service on the Committee.