Open Space

The Open Space / Recreation Committee was established in 2000 through Article Three of Chapter 5 “Open Space Committee” of the Code of the Borough of Hopatcong. In 1999 the voters of the Borough authorized a one-cent per $100 of assessed valuation of each annual tax levy commencing with the year 2000 to be placed in an “Open Space and Recreation Fund”. The Committee is charged with the preparation of an Open Space and Recreation Plan and with recommending to the Mayor and Council the use of the “Open Space and Recreation Fund”. The Plan has been completed and accepted. The Planning Board has also adopted it as an element of the Borough Master Plan. The Open Space/Recreation Committee consists of an eight member committee, consisting of the Mayor and a resident-at-large appointed by the Mayor, and six members appointed by the Council consisting of a council member, a member of the Planning Board, a member of the Zoning Board, a member of the Environmental Commission, a member of the Recreation Commission and a resident-at-large. The Committee elects a chairperson, a vice-chairperson and a secretary. The Borough provides a recording secretary. On the occasion of a tie vote, the chairperson is given an extra vote to break the tie.

Hopatcong Open Space and Recreation Plan Update – 2011