In Honor of Our Troops

In Honor of Our Troops is a tribute page that acknowledges the great sacrifice that our men and women in the military make to maintain our Freedom. It is often said that, “America will only be the land of the free as long as it is the home of the brave. “Well, if that is true, then America is in good hands because the Hopatcong community can attest to the fact that we have, standing in our midst and serving in countries around the world, brave and heroic soldiers who believe in something bigger than themselves. They believe in our values, our culture and our way of life. They believe in America, and we, a grateful community, believe in them.



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Samuel Bochner

Dates of Service: 1942 to 1945
Branch of Service: United States Navy 
Location: U.S.S. Denver, CL58 – The Pacific

Sam Bochner served in the U.S. Navy as a Baker 2nd Class from 1942 to 1945 aboard the USS Denver. His ship survived 2 Kamikaze hits. Sam received several medals for his service to our country. He was Honorably Discharged on November 8, 1945.

Sep 79 - Jul 84
Steven Kleiner

Date of Service: September 1979- July 1984
Branch of Service: Staff Sergeant, USAF
Service Location: Hahn AB, Germany

Steven Kleiner served in the USAF, after basic training and technical school at Lakeland AFB, Texas, he was assigned to the 50th Security Police Squadron at Hahn AB, Germany.

Colonel Gregory A. Daddis

Dates of Service: 1989 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Army
Service Location: Currently West Point

Colonel Gregory A. Daddis earned a MS Degree in Military History at Villanova University and a PhD in Military History from the University of North Carolina. He has served on 54 Tours overseas, 21 years of active duty, and is currently a professor of Military History at West Point.


Julio F. Rivera Jr.

Dates of Service: June 2008 to June 2014; Re-enlisted June 2014
Branch of Service: United States Air Force
Service Location: Fort Dix, New Jersey

Julio F. Rivera Jr. has served in the United States Air Force for the last six years. He has recently re-enlisted for an additional four years. Julio has been deployed to UAE and Afghanistan.


Seaman Kenneth M. Trumpore

Dates of Service: 1960 to 1966
Branch of Service: United States Coast Guard
Service Location: Cape May, NJ; Yorktown, VA; Groton, CT, RI

Seaman Kenneth M. Trumpore was a Seaman in the Coast Guard Reserves. Ken enlisted prior to the Cuban Missile crisis and served in the Coast Guard Reserves for 8 years.


Sgt. Jordan L. Febus

Dates of Service: 6/01/2010-9/30/2016
Branch of Service: United States Marines 
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Sgt Febus’ joined the Marines on 6/01/2010. After graduating Recruit Training, he attended Marine Combat Training at Camp Geiger, NC and began MOS training in NAS Pensacola, FL as an Air Crew Candidate where he was assigned to the CH-53E MOS School. Sgt Febus then went to CNATT in Jacksonville, North Carolina for his mechanics school where he graduated at the top of his class and was meritoriously promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal in May 2011. He then completed flight school and was sent to VMM-261 (REIN) where he would deploy on the 24th MEU in March 2012. While on his deployment, Sgt Febus qualified as a Plane Captain with about 300 flight hours. Upon returning from his first deployment in December 2012, Sgt Febus volunteered for Marine Security Guard duty and received orders for class 5-13 as a student watch stander. After successfully completing Marine Security Guard School, Sgt Febus was assigned to the Embassy in Paris, France.  Since his arrival to Detachment Paris, Sgt Febus was assigned as Supply, CBRN, NMPS, Vehicle and Training NCO. Sgt Febus is currently the MSGR and Safety NCO for Detachment Islamabad, Pakistan.


Specialist 4 Norman Caulfield

Dates of Service: 1967 to 1969
Branch of Service: United States Army 
Location: Vietnam


Specialist 4 Richard Caulfield

Dates of Service: 1963 to 1965
Branch of Service: United States Army 
Location: Germany


Specialist 4 Robert Caulfield

Dates of Service: 1967 to 1969
Branch of Service: United States Army 
Location: Germany


PFC Eliomar Hernandez

Dates of Service: August 2013 – Present
Branch of Service: United States Army 
Location: Fort Carson Colorado Springs, Colorado 

PFC Eliomar Hernandez graduated from Hopatcong High School in 2013. His passion was to serve in the military and then pursue a career as a police officer. Eliomar was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia for his infantry training. After 14 rigorous weeks, he graduated from boot camp and was stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado, where he continued to train hard for a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan to take part in “Operation Freedom”. Eliomar completed his first tour and was returned to his Colorado base as of 11/28/2014 after a long 9 month deployment.


Sergeant Bruce N. Genung

Dates of Service: 1979 to 1982, 1985 to 2006
Branch of Service: United States Army, United States Reserves
Service Location: Kuwait

Bruce N. Genung was a Sergeant First Class in the position of Drill Sergeant. He served in Kuwait in 2005 where the photograph was taken.


Sergeant Laura Taylor Oostdyk 

Dates of Service: March 1985-October 1990
Branch of Service: United States Army 
Location: 1st Support Battalion, 1st Armored Division , Illesheim, Germany, 561st Supply and Service Battalion, Fort Campbell, KY HHC, 3rd Armored Division, Butzbach, German


Staff Sergeant Daniel Robert Williams

Dates of Service: December 2001 – Present
Branch of Service: United States Marine Corp. 
Location: MCAS – Beaufort, South Carolina

Staff Sgt. Daniel R. Williams enlisted in the Marine Corp. after the September 11th attacks. He received and completed his training at Parris Island, South Carolina in March of 2002. "Military Occupational Specialty – Aviation Ordnance".

Staff Sgt. Williams deployed on the USS Bonhomme Richard during Operation Iraqi Freedom from January through July of 2003. His second deployment was on the USS Harry S. Truman during Operation Enduring Freedom from March through December 2010. His third deployment was on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Continuing the efforts of Operation Enduring Freedom from February through October 2012.

Service from 2002–2008 included loading weapons and repairing weapon systems on the AV8B Harrier. Service from 2008–2013 included loading weapons and repairing weapons on the F-18L Hornet. During his service from 2013 to present, Staff Sgt. Williams was a Quality Assurance Representative on the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter.


Specialist 4 Martin W. Janowski

Dates of Service: February 8, 1959 to January 31, 1965
Branch of Service: United States Army, Third Army Spearhead
Service Location: Fort Dix, New Jersey and Hanau, Germany

Specialist 4 Martin W. Janowski joined the United States Army on February 8, 1959. Marty drove a M37 truck with a radio shack on the back. He would drive the truck up on top of a mountain every week to take part in practice drills. Marty would radio for two F-86 Sabre jets and dispatch the location of a mock convoy. The pilots would then practice striffing the convoy to complete the drill. Martin received the Good Conduct Medal. He was honorably discharged on January 31, 1965.


Captain Constance Teresa Janowski M.A., RN

Dates of Service: 1989 to indefinite
Branch of Service: United States Army, Captain
Service Location: Picatinny Arsenal, NJ; Fort Dix, NJ; Fort Sam Houston,Texas

Captain Constance Teresa Janowski enlisted in the United States Army at 50 years old because she wanted to take the place of younger nurses with small children that were being called to duty for Desert Shield. She used her nursing experience and skills to train nurses. "Connie" taught the military nurses how to care for the wounded soldiers on the battle field and in a Triage situation. She also provided additional training on how to remove military evidence when faced with an enemy advancement.


Specialist 5 Alan Gilbert

Dates of Service: July 1969 to April 1970
Branch of Service: United States Army, Specialist 5
Service Location: Ft. Dix N; Ft. Monroe VA; Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

Specialist 5 Alan Gilbert was office manager of the biggest army depot in the world for eleven months. This was in 1969 and 1970, during the Vietnam War.


Specialist 4 Alan J. Arnowitz

Dates of Service: August 4, 1964 to July 28, 1996
Branch of Service: United States Army
Service Location: Ft. Dix, N.J., Ft. Riley, Kansas, Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Specialist 4 Alan J. Arnowitz completed Basic Training at Ft. Dix, N.J., before his AIT/MP training at Ft. Riley, Kansas with the 207th MPs. Alan patrolled the Post and did limited work as a guard in the Federal Prison. He was a Spec.4(E4) based in Cam Ranh, Vietnam from September 65 through July 66. Alan was a member of the 630th MPs Foot, Boat and Jeep Patrol, Convoy Escort and Ship Guard. Alan has been a resident of Hopatcong for 22 years.


Alan T. Anderson

Dates of Service: 1964 to 1968
Branch of Service: United States Navy
Service Location: Vietnam and Africa

Officer of the deck U.S.S. Intrepid, Alan was trained in the Officer Candidate School in R.I. and was the Officer of the deck on the U.S.S. Intrepid. Alan was at sea for most of his career, completing 3 tours of duty in Vietnam and one tour of Africa. He was given special clearance in security matters.


Arthur Bonda

Dates of Service: January 1942 to January 1945
Branch of Service: United States Army – Corp. 82nd Airborne Paratrooper
Service Location: Germany


PFC Ben Adelsky

Dates of Service: 1949 to 1952 
Branch of Service: United States Army, Private First Class 
Service Location: Germany

Private First Class Ben Adelsky  was drafted into the US Army in 1949. He served in Germany from 1949-1952 at Signal Depot. Ben had training in signal school and was sent to Japan in the signal. He was a teletype and had been in different units at the Tokyo radio station. Ben learned what was needed.


Sergeant Connor James Borshard

Dates of Service: July 2010 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Marine
Service Location: Corp. Air Station Cherry Point, NC

Sergeant Connor James Borshard enlisted in July 2010 at the age of 18. He took his training at Parris Island, SC and graduated Boot Camp October 2010. He was deployed overseas from March 2013 to November 2013. Connor recently returned from his second tour in the Middle East, deployed December 12, 2014 and returned July 14, 2015.


Corporal Rene Hoer

Dates of Service: January 1951 to January 1953
Branch of Service: United States Army 
Service Location: Camp Carson Colorado Greenland Labrador

Corporal Rehe Hoer was a Combat Engineer in the United States Army. He helped build bridges and roads so the troops could move through.


MPs-PFC Donald Joseph Tyska

Dates of Service: 1965 to 1967
Branch of Service: United States Army MP-PFC
Service Location: Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam

MPs-PFC Donald J. Tyska was approached by a pregnant Vietnamese woman at the Army supply base. Before he could even call for an ambulance, the woman went into labor. Assisted by another soldier, he helped the woman onto a bench, and the newborn baby “just fell” into his hands. The mother named the baby boy “Ticka” which was as close as she could come to pronouncing Tyska.


Specialist Edwin Lamberski

Dates of Service: September 26, 1961 to May 12, 1965
Branch of Service: United States Air Force
Service Location: RAF Crouton England

Specialist Edwin Lamberski joined the United States Air Force in September 1961. Edwin completed a training course on electrical power production at Sheppard AFB, Texas in April, 1962. As a Specialist, he was sent to England to work on electric generators and engines at remote sites until he was honorably discharged in May, 1965.


Forrest (Jim) Sutton

Dates of Service: July 23, 1956 to July 23, 1960
Branch of Service: United States Air Force
Service Location: Savannah, GA and Plattsburg, NY


Frank J. Lamson

Dates of Service: December 1944 to August 1946
Branch of Service: United States Army T-4, 162nd Infantry – 41st Division
Service Location: South Pacific, New Guinea, Philippines, Okinawa

Frank J. Lamson has been a resident of Hopatcong since 1959.


Gary M. Huff

Dates of Service: 2003 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Marine Reserve
Service Location: Iraq for a year


Lieutenant Kenneth Murison

Dates of Service: 1943 to 1946
Branch of Service: United States Navy – Lieut. J. Grade
Service Location: Philippines

Lieutenant Kenneth Murison witnessed the obliteration caused by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.


RM3 Leonard G. Katchmaric

Dates of Service: August 1954 to February 1958
Branch of Service: United States Navy RM3
Service Location: Korea

RM3 Leonard G. Katchmaric served as a Radioman III during the Korean War. He was on the US Des Moines (CS-134) which was the lead ship of the Des Moines-Class heavy cruisers in the United States Navy.


LS2 Petty Officer Mark Favara

Dates of Service: 2010-December 29, 2014
Branch of Service: United States Navy
Service Location: U.S.S. Nimitz

Mark was a longtime resident of Hopatcong, NJ. Mark was an Active Duty Navy "LS2" Logistics Specialist Second Class with 4 years of services including 1 deployment. He was stationed on the USS Nimitz CVN 68 and Fort Myers Recruiting Center.


Sergeant Michael N. Petillo

Dates of Service: 1941 to 1945
Branch of Service: United States Army
Service Location: Italy

Sergeant Michael N. Petillo was a mechanic assigned to the amphibian “Ducks.” The amphibian vessels were used in the Italian invasions to move the soldiers in and carry their supplies.


Major Philip Engle Jr.

Dates of Service: May 1992 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Army
Service Location: Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan

Major Philip Engle Jr. moved to Hopatcong in June 2000 and served in the United States Army Reserve. He was deployed to Afghanistan in April 2012 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a member of the 411th Engineer Brigade from New Windsor, NY. He now serves as the Deputy G4 for the 411th Engineer Brigade, and returned to the US in February 2013.


HM2 Jason C. Wolff

Dates of Service: July 2007 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Navy
Service Location: Iraq; Okinawa, Japan

HM2 Jason C. Wolff graduated Hopatcong High School in June of 2007. In July, 2007, he entered the service as a United States Navy Corpsman with RPOC Great Lakes Training at Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton, CA., and then reported to Okinawa. He was a Marine Rescue Swimmer deployed to 3D Med Bat, 3D Marine Expeditionary Force Camp Barharia, Iraq. He was promoted to Petty Officer FMF in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Jason is in the Navy, but attached to a Marine Division. He is in the Fleet Marine Force and is a Hospital Corpsman Second Class. Jason will be discharged on November 19, 2014 after 8 years of service.


PFC Raymond A. Sammarco

Dates of Service: October 22, 1954 to
Branch of Service: United States Army, Private First Class
Service Location: Camp Gordon, Georgia


Richard James Bond

Dates of Service: 2007 to Present
Branch of Service: NJ National Guard
Service Location: Hackettstown, NJ

Richard James Bond joined the NJ National Guard while still in high school. After graduation, he took basic training in Georgia and stepped-up training in Texas. He was flown to Kuwait and then deployed to Iraq for one year. In early 2011, he was deployed to Afghanistan. 


Robert Modick

Dates of Service: 1952 to 1956
Branch of Service: United States Navy
Service Location: USS Antietam (aircraft carrier); Cuba

Robert Modick served 4 years on the first angled-deck aircraft carrier. Bob was stationed in Cuba on the USS Antietam during Fidel Castro’s overthrow of the government.


Robert Wayne Orr

Dates of Service: May 9, 1942 to January 4, 1946
Branch of Service: United States Army Corps
Service Location: England and France

Robert Wayne Orr enlisted in 1942. He was stationed at Lythan Air Force Base in England with the 504th Service Squadron. He also served in France.


SC3/C William G. Sigismondo

Dates of Service: January 25, 1945 to August 3, 1946
Branch of Service: United States Navy
Service Location: South Pacific, Philippine Islands

At 17, SC3/C William G. Sigismondo joined the Navy and was assigned to a ship under Admiral Halsey’s 7th Fleet. William was the only cook and baker on a wooden WW1 ship, 120’ by 20’, the size of a tugboat, assigned to dispatch orders in the South Pacific. He never learned to swim and was seasick for two years. At age 85 William is still alive and kicking. Hallelujah!


Sergeant Anthony Nicolicchia

Dates of Service: 2009 to 2014 
Branch of Service: United States Army – Military Police
Service Location: Germany and Afghanistan

Sergeant Anthony Nicolicchia was in the United States Army as a Military Police Officer. He served for five years, and returned home on July 25,2014.


PFC Robert B. Klein

Dates of Service: 1944 to 1946
Branch of Service: United States Army, PFC
Service Location: Europe

PFC Robert B. Klein served as a machine Gunner in Patton’s 3rd. Army from 1944 to 1946. When he went into battle he was told in advance that a machine gunner had a ten minute life expectancy. Robert still lives in Hopatcong in the same house that his grandfather built.


Sergeant John L. Cook III

Dates of Service: December 2006 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Marine Corps
Service Location: Florida, England, CA, Afghanistan

Sergeant John L. Cook III is a graduate of HHS Class of 2006. He enlisted in the USMC in December of 2006. After boot camp he attended his MOS school in the field of Signals Intelligence in Pensacola, Florida and then was stationed in Menthwith Hill, England for 2 years. He has been serving in Afghanistan since 2010.


Sergeant Thomas Fisichella

Dates of Service: November 11, 1942 to October 25, 1945
Branch of Service: United States Army Signal Corp
Service Location: New Delhi, India

Sergeant Thomas Fisichella served as a Cryptograph Technician in World War II. Thomas was fortunate enough to receive an “Eyes Alone” message from Washington DC, which was sent to the commanding officer in regards to the surrender of Japan. 


Sergeant Ryan P. Burns

Dates of Service: November 2003 to April 2009
Branch of Service: United States Marine Corp
Service Location: Okinawa, Japan; Camp Fallujah, Iraq

Sergeant Ryan P. Burns placed a wreath on Veterans Memorial Monument during Hopatcong’s Memorial Day Ceremony. The wreath was in honor of all of the brave men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom.


Captain Silvio S. Matarazzo

Dates of Service: 1942 to 1945
Branch of Service: United States Army
Service Location: Italy

Captain Silvio S. Matarazzo earned his pharmacy degree from Rutgers University and then enlisted in the Army. He was stationed in Italy at the 225th Station Hospital where he was responsible for the hospital pharmacy and supplies.


SPC Clint Lee Robinson

Dates of Service: 2008 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Army
Service Location: Presently in College

SPC Clint Lee Robinson has won Soldier of the Year Awards in successive competitions under the Medical Command covering the Walson Medical Support Element in Fort Dix, NJ; the West Point Health Service Area in the Northern Regional Medical Command, representing Medical Command soldiers from North Eastern Region of the United States. SPC Robinson competes against other Army soldiers with medically-related jobs.


Specialist Kristen M. Burns

Dates of Service: April 25, 2006 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Army National Guard
Service Location: 580th MP Company, Teaneck, NJ


Staff Sergeant Andrew C. Taylor

Dates of Service: May 2005 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Air Force
Service Location: Recently returned from Qatar

Staff Sergeant Andrew C. Taylor graduated from Hopatcong High School in 2004 and enlisted in the United States Air Force in May of 2005. He works in Medical Logistics, as well as plays on the base’s softball team. Andrew has played in the Military World Series in Florida twice and will be competing there this year as well. Andrew spent the first 5 years at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas and was reassigned to Langley AFB, Hampton, Virginia. He was deployed to Qatar twice in his career.


Staff Sergeant Robert Watson

Dates of Service: 1942 to 1945
Branch of Service: United States Air Force
Service Location: Heathrow, England

Staff Sergeant Robert Watson was a gunner on a B24. He took part in the European Theater Operations. His plane was shot down over Germany and he was captured and sent to Stalag XVIIB Barrack37A. He was a POW for 13 months. He was liberated by Patton’s 13th US Armored Division.


Seaman 2/C Stephen T. Schmidt

Dates of Service: August 1942 to December 1945
Branch of Service: United States Navy Seaman 2/C USN
Service Location: Boston, MA; Quincy, MA; Europe

Seaman 2/C Stephen T. Schmidt enlisted in the Navy in August of 1942 at age 17. Stephen took his training on the USS New Jersey. He was in all four invasions of WWII where he served on the USS Quincy at A 71. The Quincy was the first to be fired upon by the enemy on the shores of Normandy. He was born June 17, 1925 and died June 28, 2007.


Steven Sammarco

Dates of Service: July 7, 2009 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Navy
Service Location:


Thomas P. Scardino

Dates of Service: April 12, 1943 to December 8, 1945
Branch of Service: United States Army
Service Location: Fort Dix, New Jersey, France and Germany

Thomas P. Scardino drove a truck to transport personnel and equipment, checked operation of trucks, and did minor mechanical work. He served in Battery A 184th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Gun Battalion in France and Germany.


William E. Mattoon

Dates of Service: 1942 to 1945
Branch of Service: United States Army Air Corp
Service Location: Grafton Underwood, England

William Mattoon was a radio operator in a B17. He took part in a Flying Fortress Squadron mission over Gelsenkirchen, Germany. His plane was shot down and he was captured by the Germans and brought to Stalag XVII, a concentration camp in Krems, Austria. He survived the forced death march before the end of the war. He died in October 1994.


RM1 William H. Bartley

Dates of Service: 1941 to 1945
Branch of Service: United States Navy
Service Location: Italy, North Africa, France, the Pacific

RM1 William H. Bartley was born in New York City, December 7, 1924. He attended George Washington HS in Manhattan, NY. Mr. Bartley enlisted in the US Navy on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 1941. He served as a Radio Man First Class. He was honorably discharged from the US Navy on December 22, 1945.


Lt. William T. Orr

Dates of Service: 1974 to 1987
Branch of Service: United States Naval Reserve
Service Location: Military Sealift Command


PFC Charles A. Moore III

Dates of Service: November 2009 to Present 
Branch of Service: United States Air Force
Service Location: Lackland Air Force Base; San Antonio, Texas

Mark R Moore Mark R Moore

Dates of Service:
May 21,2013- November 2017
Branch of Service:
Service Location:
Point Mugu, California

PFC Michael Wester

Dates of Service: February 2009 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Army
Service Location: Iraq

Michael is currently deployed to Iraq. His duty station is Fort Stewart, GA.


A1C Robert G. Daddis

Dates of Service: September 1960 to September 1964
Branch of Service: United States Air Force
Service Location: Vietnam

A1C Robert G. Daddis was an Airman 1st Class in the United States Air Force. He served in Vietnam in the early 1960’s as a radar operator with expert qualifications for the control of air assault interceptions.


Captain Samuel C. Hoagland

Dates of Service: 1958 to 1960
Branch of Service: United States Air Force
Service Location: France, Germany, Italy

Captain Samuel C. Hoagland served on project “Black Witch” in Taranto, Italy and was promoted to captain in AFRES June 64.


Technical Sergeant Kenneth Aimone

Dates of Service: 1993 to Present
Branch of Service: United States Air Force
Service Location: Presently in Afghanistan

Technical Sergeant Kenneth Aimone and has served in the United States Air Force for 17 Years. He was married on June 6, 2009, and has made a career in the Air Force and is a Crew Chief Instructor, at Main Base Seymore Johnson, AFB North Carolina. He served two tours in Afghanistan and Korea and one tour in Turkey and UAE.


USAF Staff Sergeant Edward Carabetta

Dates of Service:
May 1966 to January 1970
Branch of Service:
United States Air Force
Service Location:
Mississippi, Greece, Viet Nam

Sergeant Edward Carabetta trained at Keesler AFB in Mississippi for one year to program and maintain a new high security communications system named Forward Propagation Tropospheric Scatter. Later deployed to Crete, Greece as support for this new network installed on mountain tops across 11 European countries. In 1968 served in Da Nang, Tan Son Nhut, Dong Ha, and Monkey Mountain Viet Nam to deploy and maintain a similar high security network.


USMC Sergeant Anthony Scott Mortola

Dates of Service:
July 5, 2009 to August 5, 2014
Branch of Service:
United States Marine Corps
Service Location:
Marine Corps. Air Station New River, North Carolina

Sgt Tony Mortola served in the USMC for 5 years as a CH-53 Helicopter Airframe Mechanic. He graduated boot camp from Marine Corps Recruit Depot Paris Island, and attended aviation training at Nabal Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. He was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station New River as well as Joint Base McGuire, Dix, Lakehurst (JBMDL). He took part in one combat deployment to Afghanistan. 
Ferrante - Copy
E4 Senior Airman Christopher Ferrante

Dates of Service:
June 6,2017- June 5,2021
Branch of Service:
US Airforce
Service Location:
JBSA Lackland, Texas

Chris graduated from Livingston High School in 2015 and became a Hopatcong township resident in 2016.

In June 2017, Chris entered the U.S. Airforce. Chris’s military journey started at JBSA Lackland, Texas. After numerous accolades from his base commander he quickly rose to a E4 and became a senior Air Man. While stationed at the Royal Air Force Base Lakenheath, England Chris become a top-notch electrician servicing and maintaining the electronics in some of America’s most sophisticated Air Defense Systems and Aircraft. His military tours include both the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Today Chris is completing his Master’s Degree and intends to complete his Doctorate in Psychology.

253474513_6732034403480928_6422712631086884668_n Karl Mondschein

Dates of Service:
Branch of Service: US Air Force
Service Location: Offutt AFB, Omaha Nebraska

Karl Mondschein served with the 55th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing in the United States Air Force unit assigned to Air Combat Command. The wing is primarily stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. Working with the Division of Pilot Training. Among other missions Karl Mondschein was TDY to Athens Greece, and Madrid Spain. Upon discharge Karl Mondschein served in the USAF National Guard, TAC, stationed at McGuire AFB, NJ.

LT Josh Clark

First Lieutenant Joshua A. Clark

Dates of Service:
Branch of Service: US Army
Service Location: Fort Drum, NY/ Eastern Afghanistan

First Lieutenant Joshua A. Clark received his Officer’s Commission in 2010 and was assigned to a Logistics Support Unit of the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum, New York. He deployed to Afghanistan in September of 2011, serving initially as a Platoon Leader within the 10th STB Headquarters Company and later as the Company Executive Officer of the 1086th Transportation Company. 1LT Clark earned a Bronze Star for his service personally leading MRAP escort convoys throughout Eastern and Northern Afghanistan, moving military equipment and provisions from central hubs to the Soldiers manning the far-flung outposts. When 1LT Clark’s unit completed its’ one-year deployment rotation in August of 2012 and he returned to Fort Drum, serving as a Company Executive Officer of the 33rd Financial Management Support Unit until his honorable discharge in November of 2013.

David DiChiara

Dates of Service:
Branch of Service: US Navy
Service Location: USS Dwight D Eisenhower