Voter Information

Voter Registration
If you are a new resident to Hopatcong Borough, please register to vote by downloading the application from and go to the form center.   If you move within the County or State, you must update your voting status with the Municipality so your record will be transferred. If you have moved from one house to another within the boundaries of Hopatcong Borough or have changed your name through marriage, you must update your pertinent information in order to vote. New registrants must register at least 29 days prior to an election.

Vote By Mail

For those voters unable to make it to the polling place on Election Day you can apply for a vote by mail application. If applying by mail, the County Clerk in Newton must receive the application at least seven (7) days prior to the election. Applications are available from either the County Clerk or the Hopatcong Clerk.

If you are past the mail-in deadline, you can go in person to the Sussex County Clerk's Office to apply a vote by mail application up to 3:00 p.m. on the day before the election.

Change of Political Party
Declaration of party affiliation form must be filed no later than 50 days preceding the Primary in which the voter wishes to vote.

Where Do I Vote?

Hopatcong Borough has twelve voting districts, you may find your voting district by
accessing the street index.

District # Polling Place Location
1 Municipal Bldg. 111 River Styx Road
2 & 7 Firehouse #2 Maxim Dr. & Indian Trail
3 & 11 Firehouse #4 Jefferson and Tulane Trails
5 Board of Education Building 2 Windsor Avenue
6 & 12 Senior Center 32 Lakeside Blvd.
8 Firehouse #3 43 Hopatchung Road
9 Community Center Hopatchung Rd
4 & 10 St. Jude Church 40 Maxim Drive

 Primary, General and School Board Elections / Polls Open 6 AM TO 8 PM

Although Some Forms Are Available at Borough Hall as Indicated Above,
You Can Get Quicker Service Through Your Computer by Going to the State Website

Hopatcong Election Districts Street Index Listed in Alphabetical Order

State of New Jersey, Division of Elections Links

Link to Form Center - Sussex County - Another Source of Forms, Click Here.

Forms Which Can be Found at this Link:

  • Vote By Mail Ballot Forms
  • Party Affiliation Forms
  • Pollworker Applications
  • Support Staff applications
  • Sussex County Voter Bill of Rights
  • Voter Registration Form