The Borough Administrator is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Borough.

The Administrator's duties include the development of rules and regulations for administrative procedures governing purchasing practices, the operation of all departments, personnel management and general coordination of departments, offices, boards and agencies of the Borough, all for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Borough government and promoting its economic and responsive operation. The Administrator is responsible to the governing body as a whole for the proper and efficient administration of the business affairs of the Borough. The Administrator assists the Mayor in the preparation of the annual Borough budget for presentation to the Borough Council.

The position of Borough Administrator was created in 1978. The Borough Administrator is an "ordinance administrator" in that the position is spelled out explicitly by local ordinance. The specific qualifications, responsibilities, duties and powers of the Hopatcong Borough Administrator are contained in Chapter 33 "ADMINISTRATOR" of the Code of the Borough of Hopatcong. The position of Borough Administrator replaced the position of "Administrative Assistant to the Mayor". The Administrator’s position incorporates responsibilities and authority previously held by the Administrative Assistant and by the Mayor.

  1. The great majority of functions performed by the Borough Administrator are internal to the organization in nature and do not normally entail direct contact with the public. The Administrator responds to a citizen complaint about a Borough operation, department, employee or facility.
  2. Functional Areas that entail the internal operations are as follows:
    • Chief Administrative Officer of the Borough; Liaison to Mayor and Council; Purchasing Officer; Personnel Officer; Appointing Authority - NJ Department of Personnel; Collective Bargaining Contract Negotiation; Supervision of All Departments.
    • Grants Administration (Clean Communities; DOT Trust Fund; Green Acres; Handicapped Recreation Grant; ISTEA; OES; Recycling; SBA Tree Grant; Town Center Grant; Trails).
    • Assists the Mayor in the creation and administration of the Budget.
    • Insurance Administration (Morris County Joint Insurance (JIF) Commissioner; Municipal Excess Liability Fund (MEL) Commissioner; North Jersey Municipality Employee Benefits Fund (HIF) Commissioner.
    • Building & Grounds Improvements; Assign Office Space within the Borough.
    • Computer Administration.
Required Notices
New Jersey Civil Service Commission